Payroll Admin Dashboard, Lock Payroll, & More: New Features in CloudSuite

We’re going to discuss some of the newest payroll features on CloudSuite. The first one I would like to go over is the payroll administrator dashboard. This area provides the administrator with a quick glance at where the payroll process is at any time. In the case of a payroll that is currently open and calculating payments that are in error, there are no off cycle payrolls in process. There are some quick links to deduction alerts, BSI tax alerts, and tax errors. It also has some deduction errors and time record errors. It gives you just a quick overview as to what's going on within the payroll, all in a dashboard view.

If we go ahead and look at the payroll cycle, it’s pretty simplified. From this screen, you can run the whole payroll as far as going from calculate overtime, all the way to plus payroll and post payroll. You can see I've already calculated overtime before locking your payroll. The lock payroll function takes a snapshot of the payroll, so that there are no changes allowed to those payroll records before the calculation can complete. It also allows HR and employee space changes to be unaffected so that you don't have to stop anybody from doing their work.

Another thing that has changed now is you have tax locator errors. What that means is that your payroll tax auditor no longer has to log into BSI to see their tax locator errors because they are right within the system, saving them time and efficiency. The only time they would have to log into BSI is if there are BSI mapping issues that need to be resolved, otherwise all of the issues can be resolved here within payroll.

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