How Your Organization's Size Affects a GHR Payroll Go-Live

Going live on payroll in v11 CloudSuite depends on a lot of different factors, one of them being the amount of employees. When we took a major hospital live last year, they ran three suites in Lawson and did the entire migration in one month. I think they have around 15,000 employees, but some of our other customers are 8 to 10,000 in healthcare and 4 or 5,000 in the public sector. It's the largest one we’ve completed successfully, but there are several others that I think are of reasonable scale.

The size of an organization certainly does not dictate the success of a project, so while some organizations are smaller, it does not make them any less complex. We worked with a smaller city who had very complex overtime calculation rules where police and fire had to work 28 days before overtime is calculated. Those are the kind of things that our consultants need to know ahead of time because finding out about that rule during the testing phase will throw a wrench in the project timeline.

Although the hospital’s migration only took one month, they were working at the full implementation itself for about two years. They transformed their business processes and are now fully live on multi-tenant payroll, but it would not have been successful had they not backfilled their functional leads throughout the entire project.

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