GHR v11 Timeline Implications

Here is a sample timeline for implementing GHR, although it can definitely be done in a shorter amount of time. Usually, absence and payroll together have a 43 week go-live. During this process, there's a lot of activities occurring at the same time, but the biggest thing to remember is that there will be three payroll parallels. Of course, we'd love to do 100 of them until there's no errors, but that's unrealistic.  

The more testing you run, the more data you can clean up before that go-live; this means you have a better shot of a successful first payroll after your go-live without too many errors. Each of these testing phases is considered a training event. Every time your team can get into the system to navigate through scripts and do the same types of tasks, the better prepared they'll be to maintain it themselves once you go live.

When we engage with a client we have a conversation about what your resource needs are  going to be and what your FTE requirements are going to look like. However, there are times where an organization can't spare their payroll person when we need them. In that case, we just get the relevant information from them and then have somebody else hire a temp to do it, or we add testing into the scope of the project and complete it ourselves.

When we're talking payroll, there's lots of different scenarios we have to consider because people still have to manage day-to-day operations. Projects like that usually see us managing payroll for them for months after go-live because they're not comfortable enough to run it on their own. This is why we want to have your team involved at all of these training events and be sure that we're working our schedule around that. This is why those 43 weeks aren't 100% full time every day. It is a shorter implementation, but this gives people time for operational daytime duties, in addition to data validation.

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