Handling the Effective Dated Queue Correctly

In our ongoing conversation around data correction within the multi-tenant payroll system, we discussed how the effective dated queue impacts the total scope of the correction. When you change an effective date in the queue, you can only change a future effective date to another future date – a current or past date will not be accepted by the system.

An example where this might come up is if you have a new employee who should have been effective today or yesterday but was accidentally keyed for the end of the month. Our best recommendation for this scenario is to go into the effective dated queue, change the effective date to come back tomorrow, and then in tomorrow and change the effective date in the audit log to be whatever the real past date should be. You can do this using a process we will walk you through later.

While there are a couple of steps there, the thing to keep in mind is that future dates require a future date and past dates require a past date. The first thing we want to do here is change the effective date of an action. Once you're in the effective dated queue, you can right click the record and click “change effective date” to a new future effective date. Then you submit the change to see it reflected in the system.

If I go to that employee’s profile, I should be able to see that there is a pending action for that employee effective whatever the new date is in the system. One way to do that is to check the audit log. Another way to do that is if you know exactly what field you are updating, you can go right click on that field and select “show pending to pending.”

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