How a Cloud-based ERP Reduces the Need for Customizations

We recently touched on something that's really important about CloudSuite, which is the fact that the customizations are not really necessary. One of the principal things that happened in the ERP space over the last 20 or 30 years is a diversification of systems. It used to be that when I put a system in for a client, it was designed to work for multiple companies of various sizes and vertical industries. This meant that almost everybody who installed one of those systems would have to tweak it somehow either to fill a gap in functionality, or to make it easier to use, or to incorporate some external applications or interfaces, or all of the above.

Consider applications for employment as an example. There are different kinds out there that have to be interfaced with an HR system. Now think about this in light of the issue of customizations. One of the principal benefits of moving to SaaS and a cloud-based ERP system is that the vendor does have a product that is delivered and it's standard for every customer. The technology used to build these applications is more modern than it was when they were originally written, so it’s easy to go in there and configure the app to behave a certain way. Enterprise applications are adopting some of those characteristics, so it's easier to make the application more usable without having to write code. Next, we’ll expand this discussion around customizations by explaining why we keep the version the same for all customers.

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