How Complexities Pave the Way for Innovation

Given all the complexities of healthcare today, chances are you need to look at a redesign of your GL. This is especially if you are on Infor and moving to the cloud, where you will now have a dimensional general ledger. This is the perfect time to move away from smart numbering to a more strategic dimensional GL that reflects your current business processes. Here is a good place to spend time making sure everything still works for your organization in advance of an implementation. You can watch my webinar on GL pre-planning for some helpful insight on how to do this thoroughly.

Around a decade ago, Supply Chain was where all the value in ERP implementation was realized. History is repeating itself because it is once again the star of the show – with over 1,200 enhancements made to the application within Infor, as well as new modules coming from Workday and Oracle, this area has a lot to take advantage of when it comes to the healthcare industry. However, it will also require some new technologies like RFID and RPA to really be optimized. People should also consider how they are doing when it comes to PO’s?  Are you still using a fax machine? Where are you on your EDI journey? In today’s tech filled world, there is a ton that can be done here to achieve an expedited and cost benefiting process. Next week, I'll get into how this impacts the HR component and offers improved analytics and other exciting features. You can check out my report on HIMSS22 and healthcare community at large here.

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