How Does the Cloud Increase Vendor Efficiency?

We've been talking a lot about feature functionality, so let’s shift gears a little bit. One of the things that's the major advantage of the cloud and SaaS is the fact that it increases vendor efficiency because they no longer need support multiple versions of the software. One of the fundamental differences about applications being sold and deployed today is that the technology and capabilities of the applications themselves are advancing fairly quickly, regardless of vendor.

There are so many new technological capabilities that are going to become standards over the next four to five years. Some examples are things like voice interfaces in the system, the system paying attention to the data & transactions being processed, or even how a particular user within your organization uses that system. ERP systems are huge and contain 10s of 1000s of tables and millions of lines of code, meaning that every single public sector entity may not use the same feature functionality in the same way.

The back end of CloudSuite will show which parts of the system you are using, what transactions you’re processing, even if you have an application that you aren’t using. This allows us the ability to reach out to a customer to help them if problems arise or if they need further help understanding which functionalities will help them. Leading vendors in this space look at that sort of telemetry data to determine if a customer is seeing value from the product or not. If there is a client who is not using an application others do, maybe they can shift the price in terms of subscription license fees to something with more value for the customer. This is something that doesn’t really impact the vendor at all, but usually makes a huge difference to the customer.

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