How does Lock Payroll work?

Last week, we covered some of the new and exciting features of GHR Multi-Tenant Payroll like the administrator dashboard and tax locator errors. Now let’s discuss the lock payroll feature in depth. Once you’ve calculated overtime, then you can begin this process. Once lock is on, then you would go through and calculate your payroll. When that is complete, the next one that would pop up would be print payroll, making it a very simple payroll process.

After this we have consolidated configuration. When you go to pay structure, you have all of the different areas that would need to be completed, which is the same for the deductions. You also have access to all the different areas for deductions and for garnishment. No longer do you have to jump from form to form and remember how you got there. If you know you need to do something for pay structure, everything that you need to do for payments is on one form. These changes make it a very convenient way to build out your system according to your organization’s needs.

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