How RPI and your HCM Team Leads Make the Magic Happen

During a CloudSuite HCM implementation, we have two leaders with different responsibilities: the functional team lead and the super user. The functional team lead is the person that we lean on for decision making. They define the system requirements and they are responsible for signing off on configuration documents. They are also in charge of outlining what the system will look like and how we should handle configurations. This means you need to consider what the different test scenarios are that your organization will need during this process.

On our end, we come up with a test log that we provide to you before requesting any other test scenarios that would be specific to your organization. This means the functional team lead is also responsible for data validation, so whether you're using conversions to get the data into the system or using the data migration, they would be responsible for the converted data, for sign off, for all of the end user training material, and for the cut over plan. This person is the one we would be looking to for high level decisions throughout the process.

The super users are the ones who will attend weekly meetings with us. Since they will be testing the systems and working with us on writing thorough training material, they will also be responsible for the end user training. As we conduct our parallel testing, they will be working with the validation of the data in these cycles, so they end up becoming the subject matter experts on these processes.

If the super user has any questions, they send those up to the functional team leads because they're the ones who are hands on with that day to day information. Basically we have the sign-off person and the subject matter experts of each area.

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