How RPI’s ECM Managed Services Saves You Money

As we discussed last week, one option for filling gaps in your organization’s technical department is to purchase a managed services offering, whether for Perceptive Content or any other ECM, ERP, or enterprise software solution. It can be overwhelming and expensive for an internal team to manage and optimize these complicated solutions, or even to handle upgrades, while also taking care of other important work duties. This is one reason why RPI Consultants includes a project manager in all of our managed services contracts. This dedicated resource will plan, organize, and report on progress throughout the life of the contract for you so you don’t have to worry about a breakdown in normal business processes.

Managed Services contracts can run anywhere from six months to several years, but the beauty is that they can be customized to fit your exact needs. RPI has the capacity for these long-term projects because we have a whole team dedicated to Managed Services, including retaining team members with a variety of software and functional expertise, which means we can bring in various additional skills to the table as needed, depending on each client’s situation.

Now, let us discuss something most readers are probably painfully aware of: the outcomes from not having the appropriate support in place for your ERP or enterprise solutions. When the correct support is not available for an expensive solution typically a company will not only lose investment dollars, but also suffer from reduced efficiencies, which is the side effect we see most commonly in our engagements. Add to this the stress and mental health issues situations like this can create, and what begins as a minor issue can quickly cascade into a major problem!

Another consideration is how the systems we’re talking about can impact your relationship with your customers. Does having a slow or low functioning ECM solution create longer wait times and support issues for your customers? Is your staff able to get the information they need in a timely manner? All of these are important considerations when investing in support for these systems. The potential benefits to your customers cannot be overstated, and that’s really what RPI Consultants is all about here: driving results for our clients by helping them to create the best experience possible for their customers.

Next week, we’ll clarify any confusion about what managed services is and what it isn’t, as well as what it could be!

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