How to Approach Change Management

Another recommendation I have for successful change management is to start thinking about who the key members of your change network are and how you can make sure that they're going to be engaged and supported throughout the project.

Start with the sponsor (maybe it's an executive, maybe it's you) and think about all the other demands they're likely to be juggling alongside this project. Consider their overall bandwidth, their personal level of change saturation, and anything else that might impact the effectiveness of their sponsorship.

Next, think of all the other people that you can rally around the sponsor to provide different kinds and levels of support for the duration of the project. This is your sponsor coalition – it's going to reinforce and strengthen your project leadership, which is so impactful for good change management.

Leigh and Keith, thank you very much to for letting me shine a light on how change management is an investment in your own success, as well as the ways you can incorporate these preparation activities into your move to CloudSuite.

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