Creating the Business Case for GHR Payroll

You know what the end game is when it comes to migrating your payroll processes to the cloud, but sometimes it can be hard to articulate the reasons for such a massive undertaking. Is it going to save you hours a week because you'll be able to optimize your processes? No, but it's an opportunity to re-examine everything that was built decades ago through the lens of your current team. This will allow you to figure out what you need to support payroll based on where your organization is today. 

In order to get executives to buy in, you need a business case that explains the purpose of this project and provides context for the budget, which is also necessary to designate resources. Following the approval of a budget and the gathering of the team, we suggest that you start backfilling whomever will be assigned to the project for many reasons, the main one being to avoid the disruption of daily payroll processes. The migrations that we have seen the most success in are the ones that have someone else helping to run payroll, giving the usual administrator freedom to be in the design meetings that are necessary to design the new system.

We also have some dependencies before embarking on this project, like being live on GHR for starters. If you are doing a financials & supply chain CloudSuite project, you'll probably have to do some transformation around your chart of accounts. It's nice to map out what this will look like beforehand, regardless of it's required or not, because it will help you build out your new payroll structure. Then, you will also have some cross-mapping on the backend until you do that financial supply chain project.

Another question to address in the business case is when you think you'll be implementing payroll? Either pretty soon because you're already on GHR, or a couple years out because you aren't there yet. In some cases, you may have no clue because that sort of information is above your pay grade, or you know that you're going just stay on your legacy system until you are not allowed to be there anymore. Keep in mind that S3 is slated to be decommissioned in 2026, so you won't be able to stay there indefinitely.

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