How to Determine the CloudSuite Business Case for Your Organization: Part I

A lot of the information we've been discussing throughout this series is global and applies to everyone. However, if you're looking at your organization specifically and asking what the business case for CloudSuite is in my organization, we have a couple of things that we recommend as you go through that.

It's important to realize that this type of project isn't really an IT driven thing - all business areas which will be impacted should have a seat at the table. Now is the time to start by talking about where Lawson does work, or where does Lawson fall short? What are the pain points with the business applications that are in place today that maybe could be solved as part of a CloudSuite move?

Learn About Pre-Planning

You want to identify opportunities to automate where you can, as well as start to take a look at some of those point solutions that are out there. It's also a good idea to start looking for candidates who can possibly retire that functionality and start moving it within the application.

I think it's an excellent message to hear when you're the system owner and you get to go engage with those business users, especially if you're in IT. This is important because things may not really appear the same way to you as they might from a user's on-the-ground perspective.

For example, payroll is a common example of this because it seems like your process works as long as people are getting paid. The reality is revealed when you talk to the payroll department and they say that they spent thirty hours gathering data, massaging it three ways from Sunday, and analyzing it before putting it in because there's so many pieces to the process that are broken. While ultimately the process may work in the sense the checks go out, there's a lot of manpower you're putting in to make it happen every time. The minute one of those folks is out and you don't have someone else to step in, you’re going feel that pain. It's so important to learn about what your constraints are and see which ones can get fixed.

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