How to Manage Multiple Tags within a Configuration

Last week, we covered how bundling tags makes it easy to keep configurations organized. These are easy to make changes to if necessary, but keeping up with those changes and how they impact the configuration can be overwhelming. With the Web UI Configuration Console, you can manage changes with your tags, update them, or tag other things as go without losing track of anything. Once you've gone through the import process, you can come here and see what's changed with a specific tag. The configuration will show what has been delivered versus what was imported, as well as what was changed with each iteration of that import.

For illustrative purposes, let's say you have three tags set up in environment, one of which is a contract proposal. As part of that contract proposal, you can see all of the different components and configurations that are bundled with that tag. These can be the user action, the user field, or a form that is part of that configuration. If you look below these, you'll see the LPL for those specific configurations alongside the complete history, which remains visible to you as you go through and work with your configurations. You can also right click on an item from that original console view, search your various configurations, and tag it in the box that pops up.

Another feature that helps with tag management is the ability to search tags from an existing list. You can actually type in a new tag name and the system will dynamically create that tag for you. Once you've got your tags defined and you're ready to start putting these together as a package, then you can create a bundle like we talked about last week. Within your bundle is where you can select the tags that are part of that bundle. You can go through and select as many tags as necessary, and the system will then put all of that information together.

Next week, we will explain how to create a snapshot of tagged items for easy reference throughout the configuration process.

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