How to Reap the Benefits of ERP Budgeting Exercises

One of the most common questions we hear in the consulting world is, “I don't have the money in the budget right now for CloudSuite, is there anything I can be doing that's low cost to prepare?” Most folks do a lot of planning around the business case and get a variety of documents together to put forward to an approval body for funding in the upcoming year. While this is absolutely necessary, it isn’t a great way to really prepare for the work that lies ahead with a CloudSuite v11 migration. You may think that I’m going to tell you to look at your vendor master and a list of reports, or even to gather a map of your integrations; while those are important steps, this unicorn wants you to know that you could be doing other low-cost things now to save money during the implementation later on down the line. 

If you are approaching your “budgeting exercise” as just another upgrade, then maybe you’ve been under a rock (just kidding). This CloudSuite migration is a totally different animal than what customers are used to with legacy systems. Its magnitude is more similar to a new system implementation if done correctly. This product has robust capabilities that are world class and up there with the best of breed applications—now is the time to understand all the changes available to you and to embrace them within the system that you already know. Yes, I know it seems that I am ignoring customer support and service issues that could affect your decision.

Back to the budgeting exercise you’re currently involved in. How do you get an accurate estimate? Consulting partners will give you estimates of services, and Infor will give you a great deal on licensing the software, but those traditional components are only part of the cost. The intangibles also should be part of the equation. What I mean by intangibles are things like looking at your application portfolio to evaluate if anything can be consolidated into the core ERP product. This project presents a massive opportunity for process redesign. With all the new functionality in CloudSuite, you can transform your processes by leveraging Birst, IPA, and going outside ERP with tools such as RPA. The human element can’t be overlooked either, so you may need to upskill your talent, shift skills, or change your resources as well. 

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