Increasing Efficiency with EDI Image Generation

We recently covered how you can enhance the Infor process with Yoga Content. Another guest under RPI’s procure-to-pay umbrella is our vendor portal solution made specifically for EDI image generation. EDI is a great way to handle high volumes of both purchase orders and invoices, but with many solutions it can be difficult to figure out what happened to any given record if something goes wrong.

Our vendor portal solution offers the ability to generate images from untranslated records to help you effectively troubleshoot outbound rules on 8-50s or inbound rules on 8-55s and 8-10s. Even if your organization has an inbound rule that is a little funky, our team can help enrich it and automatically simplify and improve your process. This is what we call EDI smoothing, and it greatly reduces extra touchpoints your AP team would otherwise have to perform manually.

Every step of an ideal procure-to-pay process should free up time usually spent by data manipulation or data entry roles resolving errors. By taking care of EDI issues with inbound and outbound rules, and speeding up the matching process, your resources become free to spend more time on other activities, such as onboarding new partners or vendors.

Please join us again next week when we will expound upon the role vendors play in an ideal P2P process.

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