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The vast majority of public sector employees are essential, and having been through a pandemic, we are now acutely aware of what that means. These are the individuals that kept our water on, that kept our roads clear, that kept our parks enjoyable for us constituents who quite often took them for granted. As we enter into this new chapter of the pandemic with vaccinations, potential booster shots, and PPE, I really think it's RPI's duty as an Infor Government Essentials Partner to do the due diligence and communicate out to those individuals and those entities how they can expand the capabilities within GHR to track vaccinations, their expiration dates, PPE distribution, etc. All of this is possible to align to an employee and is visible both to the manager, as well as in relevant reporting. So, leadership can see it. The executive team has visibility to tracking these pieces. Ariane, do you want to discuss a little bit about the details of GHR?

Let's talk about the occupational health and safety. This module within the GHR core allows you to track health requirements for your organization. Let's say you have a drug screening or an annual exam and you want your employees to be able to submit that for record-keeping purposes. With the available visibility within the GHR system, you can use occupational health in order to track that kind of information. Now, if we focus on the actual current scenario, the occupational health system can be used to track vaccinations in the system. Next week, I'm going to provide a little bit of an overview of the system so you can understand how you will be able to share those components, track them, validate how your resources are going to be able to see that and how you would complete a health requirement.


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