Infor CloudSuite Migration Tools

When it comes to data migration, Infor has a migration service available that converts data from Lawson into CloudSuite.

It excels at mass conversion of historical data, something that covers all subsystems and brings all that data into CloudSuite. It's not really something that we can replicate using more ad hoc tools like spreadsheet designer. However, there are some limitations to this service. When the Infor migration tools are used to bring over all master and history data, we don't have the opportunity to change anything during that conversion process. Basically, the conversion will move all the data from Lawson to CloudSuite in its existing state.

If you're looking to do a lot of master data optimization, like merging two legacy vendor masters or something like that, that activity needs to either happen in Lawson up front or be performed as a post-conversion set. What we do during this process is balance the speed and efficiency with which the migration tool can move a mass amount of data, so the data is kept fairly static during the conversion process.

The closer you are to a similar business process, the better the tools will work. Therefore, the more transformation you have, the more impact there will be on data conversion. This is because the Infor migration tool has the ability to map out a GL conversion; this is something that gives you some flexibility when it comes to your GL dimensions, meaning they certainly don't need to look like your Lawson structure. I'd say that the real challenge is trying to change subsystem data on the fly because we don't have input mapping over in that area.

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