Infor Updates and CloudSuite Environments

Something we get asked by clients often is if we think that most organizations should get a preview CloudSuite Finance or GHR environment. If you mean pre-prod when we're talking preview, then no, I don't think most organizations should. I think for organizations that can put the time and effort into actually running through testing, and who might have a very large amount of configurations or custom elements in their cloud solution that are particularly sensitive to system updates, that pre-prod might make sense for those types of organizations. I would say, the average CloudSuite client probably does not need to go through that. They can have confidence that Infor is only going to put out updates that really change the application’s functionality, updates that they have tested pretty thoroughly and have communicated to their customers fairly well what those entail.

The model that Infor uses is they put out new functionality as a switch that you can use to turn on that new functionality. So they'll introduce the new without removing the old, or changing the default way the application works, and give you controls within the application to switch how those new features get used.

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