Invoice Image Matching with IDM

Let’s say you're moving to Infor Financials and Supply Management (FSM), and you're planning your migration. Part of what you need to consider is your historical data. That includes your invoice transactions, general ledger data, purchase orders, and everything in your existing system today that you're going to migrate. An important consideration is how to get those images out of your legacy content management system into Infor Document Management (IDM) so you can see those transactions in context.

At its core, IDM is a document repository. While it is not required to have a record in CloudSuite Financials to link to each document, we see the most value having each record in FSM linked to the corresponding document in IDM, and therefore able to appear in the contextual viewer. To achieve this, a unique identifier needs to be attached when uploading documents to the system. This way, the system knows when you’re looking at a particular invoice, and it will match to the correct invoice image.

An important thing to keep in mind about document conversions is unique identifiers and how they are attached to each document. Performed correctly, when looking at a transaction from either a list view or the individual record, the image will appear on the right-hand side of the screen in the contextual viewer. That's really where the true value add of IDM is – all the information you need is right there in front of you when researching a transaction or document, without having to go to a different system.

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