Mitigating Challenges with Technical Development in CloudSuite

Last week, we discussed the importance of implementing change management strategies ahead of a CloudSuite migration. These projects revolve largely around the technical development, which is always one of the most challenging parts for our clients. This is partially due to the differences between interfacing with a legacy system and a cloud-based program, but also to the impact is has on daily business processes.

During an ongoing conversation around the technical side of this type of project, I spoke in detail about some of the things you should know about the relationship between your business process & technical development before you embark on the journey to the cloud. Although it may seem unnecessary or that your team can’t get together to figure this out, taking the time to do this will help set you up for success in the long run. Coming into this project blind will make you run the risk of timeline delays and going over the budget as we try to identify what integrations and extensions make your daily business processes run.

If your organization is considering the move to CloudSuite, there are some new tools in the market that you can check out and stay up to date on the latest improvements. One such tool is a management technique known as Agile Methodology, which essentially measures the technical development as the projects progresses. We also offer in-person training on development within CloudSuite, so click the link below if you’d like to know more about that.

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