Moving Configurations between Environments is Easy in the Cloud

Last week, we discussed how much easier it is to manage changes in the Web UI Configuration Console. Since everything is in one environment, all of the configurations are in one place and can easily be moved into a test or production environment using the Configuration Export. This feature works as an all or nothing type of thing, meaning that it basically dumps everything out when you run it, but you can also go through and piecemeal things. The easiest way to upload configurations is as that big, single zip file that just moves everything over, although we have also loaded them as spreadsheet designer inquiries.

It's important to know that the game changes a bit once you're live (or even if you're working in a testing cycle) because you may have different developers working on several things within the system on your development or test environment. Although everyone wants to promote certain things to production or from their development to test environment, this cannot be done to every single thing since there's usually still some stuff in progress. To help identify what is ready, there is a change management feature that gives us the ability to single out specific configurations or group configurations and move them from one environment to another all together.

Whenever we talk about building configurations, we assign specific tags to each one. For example, maybe you're making your post live with a monthly release that corresponds with the CU cycle, or whatever your internal change control does. The tag might identify a date, or a specific topic, or a specific type of configuration that is already in use. This feature has only been out since late 2021, but we started using it in one of the projects we were working on where we had a huge list of development items. Each one was tagged with a number associated with a development item to aid with tracking and keeping everything organized. 

Next week, we'll provide some helpful tips for bundling development items.

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