Multi-Tenant Payroll Implementation: Real World Lessons Learned

These are some tips & tricks for payroll implementations that came out of our first experience with this process. The payroll person for the organization I was working with helped develop these, which speaks to the importance of having your payroll person involved at all points of this process. Throughout the whole time we were doing the design for HR and benefits, payroll was involved because everything from HR and benefits flow flows down to payroll.

Another good reason to have your payroll person integrated into this process is because they are usually involved with HR and benefits, so they are available to provide input on decisions that might need to be remade later down the line if the wrong person makes them. In this situation, the person was fantastic about bringing up questions and comments that they knew would be relevant to her organization’s specific payroll process.

Another reason it’s good to have your payroll involved in benefits and HR design is because once our super user training is over, we transitioned all of the build, the ISD, and the spreadsheet designer training functions to payroll. Once this was complete, we took a hands-off approach and let the payroll lead and super user take over from there. If something needed to be changed in the system or on a document that we used for uploading for the next time, she took ownership of that.

At the height of this process, we had an open call every day, over Microsoft Teams. That way, we were just doing our day-to-day work, but we were available to each other if any questions arose. It's like we were sitting in the same room and we were working together, which is the ideal relationship we want to have when working with a customer.

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