OCR Fine Tuning with RPI’s Managed Services

Last week, we explained how RPI’s managed services offerings can be customized by Support Tiers. When it comes to the systems we support, the most common applications our clients contract with us for are Perceptive Content, Brainware, OnBase by Hyland, Kofax solutions, and Infor CloudSuite, in addition to legacy Lawson solutions, and many others. Please reach out to us if you are wondering whether we can support your system with managed services!

One of the many benefits of contracting with RPI for managed services is to help train your OCR software for the optimal automation of accounts payable and finance-related tasks. Maximizing straight-through processing - while also developing new business rules and routing for exceptions -is very iterative in nature. The reason we bring this up is because it is often the case where a client will go through nine to twelve months of iteration following a new implementation. Depending on the software involved, there are different terms for this: Learn Sets, Supervised Learning, and other similar terms all describe a very similar thing: fine-tuning your solution to reduce as much manual intervention as possible over time, increasing your return on investment.

Let’s say a new vendor pops up in your system, or a vendor changes their invoice format. These are things that must be taken into consideration and proactively handled to best leverage your OCR solution. Many companies do not retain the in-house knowledge to properly accommodate these changes for maximum value. That’s exactly where RPI can help, potentially saving your company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars long-term, depending on your invoice volume.

Next week, we will provide a glimpse into a day in the life of an RPI managed services contract!

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