RPI's Pre-Planning Assessment & Beyond

Over the course of the last fourteen weeks, Keith and I have walked you through a high-level explanation of what RPI's pre-planning engagement is and how, together through this process, we can maximize the powerful features of Infor CloudSuite for your organization. Aside from discussing how this assessment helps get everyone on your team ready for a CloudSuite implementation, we also covered the project's scope & approach, how to handle different types of data ahead of a migration, what this engagement means for existing process flows, in addition to a number of other topics. All posts relating to pre-planning can be found here - if you have any questions or would like more information about getting an assessment done for your organization ahead of a CloudSuite implementation, please reach out to us at questions@rpic.com and someone will be in touch shortly.

Next week, we will continue this series with a new focus on defining the business case for your company. This subject is quite exciting for myself and for Keith, mainly because we get to address a lot of the details and nitty-gritty information about pre-planning and getting ready for the move to CloudSuite that we may have glossed over in previous posts. We'll be covering some of the challenges and opportunities around current state versus migrating to a modern ERP like CloudSuite, some of the risks and rewards associated with that project, and we're going to talk a little bit about how to do an organizational self-assessment, as well as what the business case looks like from the client’s perspective. Ultimately, by taking stock of where you are as an organization today and where you want to be tomorrow, you can prepare a business case for making the changes you need to in our fast-paced, sometimes chaotic environment. We hope you'll join us for the new series, and, as always, we're here to take your questions!

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