Prioritizing Organizational Change Management from the Beginning

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All preparation for an ERP implementation in the public sector is irrelevant if you don’t make change management a priority from the beginning. Whether it's a migration or net new, change management touches everything and everyone involved in a project. It’s crucial to institute this at appropriate levels internally and consider the fallout from an organizational perspective.

Anyone who will touch the new system should be included in this process, but there are also areas outside of ERP that could be impacted by this change. That is why we recommend looking at organizational change management beyond just how it relates to the scope of your ERP project. Going beyond just the touch points within the system to make sure that the whole solution set works properly will definitely pay off in the long run.

As always, it ties back to our people. We’ve spoken before about how necessary it is to have executive support for the overall vision, but the empowerment of those employees and making them feel comfortable with using the system is equally as important. When you take the time to get everyone on the same page, that is how you achieve alignment across all levels of your organization. Part of our pre-planning engagement includes working with the organization on change management, so reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more!

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