How to Properly Purge Data in GHR Multi-Tenant Payroll

In our ongoing conversation around Payroll History Import, we spoke last week about how to handle purging tables. I’d like to bring your attention to the purge process that Infor provides within the GHR system. If you find yourself in a situation where you haven't run your pending payments, or there's still an outstanding pending payment, or perhaps none of them has been processed, there is still a way to purge that data. Infor recommends you purge pending payments first, so once you click the button to purge, an async process will be triggered. Make sure to monitor this async – it takes a long time because this process goes behind the scenes to look at every table and record linked to it. It does a nice job of ensuring that data integrity is respected from a record and business class standpoint, but you should make sure that you run this process first.

Once the async is done and there are no errors, you can monitor your table to make sure it's empty before running the actual purge of the Payment History Import. Depending on the amount of data you've got, this process will take a while to complete. That's why I recommend you start with a smaller file or a controlled number of records, so that you can actually go through everything. From a technical perspective, we go through the actual business class because we know which ones are used throughout this process, which allows us to run our own purge. You need to make sure that you know all the tables and names so that you don't miss one. Once you load the data again, you'll fill in any data that already exists. Again, be sure that you are continuously monitoring the process to address any errors that may pop up.

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