Reporting Capabilities in Infor CloudSuite

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Something else that's really important when you look at CloudSuite is the robustness of the reporting. This aspect of the new Infor CloudSuite solution is really driven by two major factors. First, is the ability to set up GL dimensions, which are indexed. You no longer have to work around the limitation of your account unit activity to track different information. Secondly, you can analyze this information through the self-service tools Infor puts at your fingertips.

Infor as designed their reporting capabilities for your super users to easily access information for a lot of things that previously would have required a Crystal Reports an the ensuing distributions that would have to be built around it. Consequently, this set-up, instead of needing to be done by someone with Crystal expertise, CloudSuite allows people to get info straight from the solution in a straight-forward manner.

When we talk about things like list views that aren’t running a vendor listing, that information is filtered on-screen in a real time list that you can add stuff to as it runs. This is super intuitive to use, and there's definitely a lot of time saved there.

As our friend Aaron Epps likes to say, "So much time is wasted putting in these requests to get information, when what really, what do you want the information for? You want to enable people to make timely decisions, and being able to get their own information quickly, is what's going to allow that."

He's exactly right - nobody puts in a request for a 10,000 row report because they're going to read all 10,000 rows. It's because they're going to summarize it and do some analytics on it. 

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