Saving Time & Energy with Infor's Web UI Configuration Console

Over the past two months, we've been discussing some of the exciting new features of Infor's Web UI Configuration Console. Our focus in recent weeks has been on how the system handles snapshot creation & validation and enables users to effectively manage changes throughout the process. When there are multiple developers working on several different things simultaneously in the same development environment, the change management tool is invaluable when it comes to keeping everything organized and understanding who has done what for which configuration. As a reminder, this is not something that you can do in the Rich Client - this feature is only available in Web UI.

As you can imagine, all of us Technical consultants are pretty big fans of the Web UI Configuration Console. If we were to provide a con, it would be that there isn't really a GUI for creating complex items yet. Another could be that you need to know LPL, but the way around that is by using the LPL viewer to view how things are being done in the system. Also, you can pull from that to supplement for not having that GUI. We've already covered a lot of the pros throughout this series (like the LPL viewer and change management tool), but one we haven't mentioned is the version analysis comparison tool. It's incredibly helpful and our whole team is a huge fan of it so far. Another thing that's nice is the syntax highlighting; keywords are blue, while strings are green. Visually, there are a lot of things that make it a much easier tool to work with than previous versions.

The true win here is all of the time you save. Having to wait for Rich Client to load and constantly refresh the list was such a pain. Even with all of these features, the load time is relatively quick and most clients have gotten to know the LPL pretty easily over time. Even in the editor, there's a little bit of IntelliSense going on to help users out. When you type in a business class, some of the fields and other related items will come up and make suggestions for you. As an example, if you're creating a user action, there's certain LPL sections that need to be there as part of that user action. You're basically just starting with a blank slate for the user action, so you have to know how to put all of that information in there.

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