September Tech Talks: All About RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Each Friday afternoon at 12:00 pm ET, RPI Consultants holds our familiar “Tech Talks” series. The topic for September will focus on RPA, also known as Robotic Process Automation. We will follow our usual format of Tech the 1st Friday, HCM the 2nd Friday, SCM the 3rd Friday, and Finance the 4th Friday, so there is something for everyone in your enterprise. All the sessions will be recorded and available for future playback. During September, we will also be running a Survey on RPA all month long, which will allow us to gather feedback, trends, and commentary that we can share with your peer participants.

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The series will be hosted by Michael Grace & Hari Viswanath, two of RPI’s gurus & nerds who will help you navigate the important , tending innovation. Michael is a HealthCare Guru, Strategy Enthusiast and RPA Evangelist at RPI Consultants. He is an Infor Practice Director and Director of the Strategic Services, under which the RPA team resides. His vast experience in Healthcare and Digital transformation has led him to spearhead the RPA practice within RPI Consultants. Hari is a software nerd and RPA implementation expert at RPI. He is an RPA Solutions Architect and has experience in delivering E2E RPA implementations for a multitude of clients in a variety of domains and industries.


9/03: The (not-so-hard) Journey to RPA (Robotic Process Automation)


This Tech Talk will introduce you to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), exploring an overview of the selection of business processes (candidates) for automation and its benefits. Our RPA evangelists will go over the technologies available in the market, as well as our home-grown “Hammers and Screwdrivers” ideology. They will also cover our delivery methodology and explain how a “Strategy First” approach helps setup a strong RPA maturity model. This first session will be followed by sessions on RPA in HCM, SCM, and Finance.


9/10: RPA in HCM (Better People through Better Automation)


This presentation is all about the transformative powers of automation in Human Capital Management with RPA. By creating a competitive edge, it can transform the Human Resources department from being seen as a cost center to being the main forward driving force of the organization. Michael & Hari will discuss by attracting the right talent and retaining existing talent, automation shifts the focus of HR to building workplace experiences. They will also highlight a sample process and demonstrate how a hybrid automation handles this process.


9/17: RPA Puts Bots In Your SCM Processes

The integration of RPA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics is helping streamline processes, efficiently saving organizations on their budget. This area not only benefits from traditional process automation, but also by increasing productivity through automated invoice/document processing and vendor management. Michael & Hari will also dive into how these benefits have been realized during the current pandemic through Machine Learning techniques, in supply-demand planning, and inventory management.


9/24: Automate Your Finance Processes with RPA – Your Competitors Are!

Finance and Accounting was one of the earliest areas to adopt RPA rule-based processes. Not only is it better, faster, and cheaper than alternatives, but it also allows you to manage risks and meets compliance requirements. The scalability within RPA in terms of adapting new rules, deleting obsolete items, and handling complexity makes RPA an attractive buy in today’s digital finance world.

Join RPI Consultants each Friday at 12:00 pm ET in September for these innovative & interesting topics. You owe it to yourself to explore the conversation around RPA, especially since your competitors likely are! RPI's "Tech Talks" give the non-nonsense, unvarnished truth, which allows you to make great business decisions for your organization of government entity. Watch out for the blogs, surveys, and upcoming newsletter to keep up to date with this discussion. See you on Fridays!

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