Shifting the Data Security Paradigm

Last week, I discussed why data security should be treated as an opportunity for the healthcare field instead of an obstacle. It has the potential to become an environment for listening to patient and customer needs and innovating the ways to secure the data for their requests. This is a paradigm shift that has only just begun with the new guard in information security.

This shift means that data security professionals must face the challenge of giving users secure access. Consumers want more of their data, and as we have a larger need for access to healthcare data at a global level during a pandemic, this shift is key to predictive analytics and treatments, early warnings of global health issues, and better follow-up care for patients.   

Part of the issue comes in finding standards. There are more than 125 healthcare information security companies with equally as many solutions. Organizations such as Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) and HITRUST have struggled to get wide adoption of tools and standards. Most have their own plan, and some find that moving applications to the cloud provides an extra security layer, as opposed to having servers in a hospital data center. While this solves one problem, it creates another related to data access in the hands of end users trying to automate processes and create efficiencies. This area of healthcare IT is rapidly evolving, with tools allowing hybrid environments where cloud data can be accessed from on-premises applications.  

The rapid rate of innovation in information security makes it one of the fastest evolving areas of healthcare IT. Every day, this industry is challenged by wearables, new cloud applications, or better access to data. How they respond to these changes will determine how fast an organization moves along the innovation continuum.

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