Solving Interoperability Hurdles Benefits your Patients

I've already discussed how leveraging intelligent automation throughout the healthcare system could improve interoperability issues, so now let's get into the monumental benefits your patients could experience.

Improved Efficiency 

Information should follow the patient and be available to all providers, public health officials, and payors. Imagine the downtick in administrative issues if you could cut out the duplicative patient information entries or medical record transfer delays when a COVID patient moves from an emergency hospital stay to a rehabilitation setting and then to their primary caregivers. With improved interoperability, access to the patient’s information would be immediate, instead of potentially delayed by days or weeks to make a full transfer.   

Better, Safer Care 

With easier access to more information from other providers, doctors could diagnose and treat patients more efficiently and effectively. When patients hear, “We’ll get back to you with the results in two or three days,” often that delay is a result of inefficient methods of communication between providers' systems. Improved interoperability, and even certain advances in wearable technologies, could serve to provide more reliable patient data and close the gap on receiving critical diagnostic information.  

Saved Time & Money 

Unnecessary duplicate tests and incorrect procedures are costly, but they could be prevented if data could flow freely and quickly. With immediate, seamless, and free access to full patient medical records, referrals, and medication lists, patients and providers alike would save the time and expense of gathering and moving data between points of care. With more complete and readily available information, it would likewise improve cost-effectiveness for insurance providers in considering claims.  

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