Some Pros & Cons of GHR Payroll

Since we've covered the reasons you should care about GHR Payroll, let's discuss some pros & cons. If you're on-premises today (which a lot of people are), then you own the hardware, the software, and the database. The good thing about this is if there's any kind of processing speed issues or you need to add more resources for the system to work better, then you have control over that. The flip side of that is if there's any issues, you need to buy new hardware and license the software yourself. You need to potentially have a team that knows the old Lawson stuff or the new Lawson stuff, Infor stuff, whatever it is, in order to administer it.

Another good thing about being on-premises is that you have access to all of your data on the database. You have control over when you take your updates. This is good and bad, right? If you're not ready or your group is not ready to take an update, you push that off and you wait until... when? There's never really a good time, but people wait until there's a "better" time to do the update regardless of how long it takes. You are also responsible for a lot of the other pieces around your operating system, like making sure everything is patched and your hardware is on the latest version to take those updates when you do request them. Sometimes, that's a big project on its own.

Then we go over to the single-tenant cloud. We want to bring this up here because you'll probably hear about it at some point. It is not being offered anymore, from what we understand, but it's good to know about since some Infor customers are on it. I don't know if that is going to be forever, but as of today, you cannot get on a single tenant cloud instance. It's essentially like being on premises, but you are hosting your hardware with Infor. When it comes to the multi-tenant cloud, then you're giving all of that hosting responsibility over to Infor and sharing your software, your hardware, and your database.

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