Spreadsheet Designer Plus: A Manual Process

When it comes to converting historical documents to IDM, the first option we’re going to recommend is Spreadsheet Designer Plus, a bulk import utility tool provided by Infor with CloudSuite. The process is a relatively manual one. First, we’re going to index data from our historical documents, and then we're going to query data from Infor FSM. We’ll manually pair that index data in Excel or an equivalent database before formatting it. Finally, we’ll export our documents out of Perceptive Content (or wherever those documents are) before combining and uploading them via the bulk import tool. 

One pro of this method is that the learning curve is very low & it doesn't take a lot of IDM knowledge to be successful. Since it is an Infor-delivered tool, they have made sure this process works with their tools and it is updated every time they make modifications to IDM. Another pro is that because it is a heavily manual task, there is the opportunity to manipulate data throughout the entire process, meaning if we're concerned about garbage going in, at any point we can go in and clean that data up to make sure that it matches the system requirements. 

The flip side of this is the reality that manual processes are time-consuming. They also require both IT and functional resources to work together for a successful implementation. While Spreadsheet Designer Plus does have a low learning curve, it is still something that is going to be more technical than what an average functional resource can handle. All of the above said, document volume is also an important consideration. If you’re dealing with the transport or maintenance of millions of documents, you may want to avoid manual processes completely. 

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