System Uptime In Infor CloudSuite

Regarding system uptime in CloudSuite, anyone that has a subscription is probably on their email notifications list. This means Infor will let you know whenever there's a service degradation across any of the apps, or within any of the CloudSuite portfolios that you subscribe to. We've definitely seen a pretty steady stream of updates lately. So, the other question is how do you prepare for CloudSuite being down unexpectedly?

I think the answer to that is the same way you would prepare for having an on-premise system go down unexpectedly. As far as your business process goes, I think you need to have offline procedures. Supply chain is pretty used to being able to switch over to offline or paper-based processing to keep things moving, particularly in healthcare. It's particularly acute for payroll where a downtime during a payroll process can be pretty catastrophic. As we saw, there was a major loss in hosting provider a couple of years ago that resulted in a week-long downtime. What we heard about that is clients basically just reran the last payroll cycle and then had to deal with reconciling that once the system was back online. However, I've never heard of CloudSuite being down for a length of time that bumped into any client's payroll cycle.

The good news with CloudSuite is if there is an outage, you can count on a team of experts from Infor and Amazon to jump in right away and work through it. As a customer, you don't have to maintain readiness for an IT infrastructure problem like you would if there was an outage with an on-premise system. Another related question regarding updates is how are organizations adjusting for monthly updates applied by Infor? This is a huge change in the way that system updates are approached. Most ERP support organizations are accustomed to having a lot of planning around system updates, as well as having a very structured system for testing and understanding the differences. The idea with CloudSuite is to let the application vendor manage that for you.

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