AI & Machine Learning: The Future of Invoicing?

When it comes to Yoga Content, everything is modern, from the interface to the Azure platform. Azure benefits from the...

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A Single Platform for all your Invoicing Needs

If you are looking for an API automation solution, you’ll know there are a ton on the market. This is mostly due to a...

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Vendor Portals & the Procure-to-Pay Process

Let’s take a moment to elaborate on the importance of vendor portals to the AP and procure-to-pay process. In short,...

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How Can Vendor Portals Improve Efficiency?

Vendors and how they are onboarded are an interesting topic for our ongoing procure-to-pay discussion. For many...

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Increasing Efficiency with EDI Image Generation

We recently covered how you can enhance the Infor process with Yoga Content. Another guest under RPI’s procure-to-pay...

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Enhancing the Infor Process with Yoga Content

Our main goal with Yoga Content is ensuring our product offerings are synergizing together and serve more than one...

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How Does Managed Services Work for a Healthcare Client?

Last week, we covered what a managed services contract with RPI looks like from perspective of a longtime client. Now, l

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Don’t Wait on Managed Services Until It’s Too Late!

Recently, we discussed what a managed services contract with RPI looks like for a client who needs on-demand Perceptive...

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The Advantages of a SaaS-based AP Automation Solution

One of the main advantages of a SaaS solution is that it’s managed, which frees your team from worrying about anything...

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