All About Data: What to Consider Ahead of a CloudSuite Migration

Every organization is different when it comes to their data and what needs to be brought over during a cloud migration...

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Best Practices for Importing S3 Data

Here are some tips & tricks for using Payroll History import that we have accumulated through our experience with the...

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Tackling Technical Development in the Cloud

Over the last two weeks, Jean provided great information about what is really going on during a conversion. Hopefully,...

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Breaking Down the Data Validation Process

Following last week’s conversation around the timing of data conversions, let’s dive into the data validation process....

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Ensuring You Have Enough Time for Data Conversions

I’ve been working at RPI for the last three years, but I have 36 years of IT experience and specialize in data...

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Why You Need to Ensure You Have Adequate Time for Data Conversions

Another thing to consider when integrating to legacy systems is whether you do a phased implementation of the ERP...

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Avoiding the Transfer of Unnecessary Data during a CloudSuite Implementation

The next characteristic around technology we want to discuss is how much data should you convert? The problem is...

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Identifying Data Quality before an ERP Implementation

Joe Hoover: We've made it through our conversations around the people and process characteristics to keep in mind for a...

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What does an HCM data migration with Infor look like?

If you choose to embark on a data migration, that is something that you or your partner would schedule with Infor....

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