The Business Case for Moving to the Cloud

Defining the business case for your organization to move onto a cloud based ERP system is not easy. The first thing you...

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Making the Business Case for Multi-Tenant Payroll

How exactly does one make the business case for implementing the new GHR payroll solution? The first step is knowing...

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Creating the Business Case for GHR Payroll

You know what the end game is when it comes to migrating your payroll processes to the cloud, but sometimes it can be...

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Updates in the Cloud: Challenge or Advantage?

Another challenge we have on CloudSuite projects in that they are multi-tenant, so the updates are continuously coming....

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Getting in the CloudSuite Mindset

The bottom line when it comes to moving to the cloud is ensuring end users are engaged and involved in this project to...

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What's Happening Today in RPI's 2021 Winter Webinar Week

I hope everyone has been enjoying our 2021 Winter Webinar Week! So far, our consultants have covered topics ranging...

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The Road to the Infor Cloud

Is your organization looking down the road at a CloudSuite project? At noon on Wednesday December 8th, RPI partners...

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Considerations for the CloudSuite Approvals Process

Something that's really important when we're talking about an approval process in a software solution is that the...

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