Why You Should Care About Global HR Payroll

Let's talk through what a CloudSuite HCM project looks like from the perspective of the implementation partner. RPI has...

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Supporting Customers in the New ERP Landscape

If you can't already tell, we really love to discuss the recent evolution of ERP and its technology. As a delivery...

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Action Reversals in Infor Global HR

The next thing we're going to discuss around data correction is action reversals. An example of when you would need...

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Configuration Console - One of the Most Exciting Features of CloudSuite

Pivoting away from general CloudSuite knowledge, let’s take a deep dive into one of its most exciting features, the new...

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Addressing Cloud ERP Concerns, Straight from the TechPro Unicorn

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to help you see through the clouds of modern ERP systems and understand how...

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How Does the Cloud Increase Vendor Efficiency?

We've been talking a lot about feature functionality, so let’s shift gears a little bit. One of the things that's the...

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Audit Inserts for Employee Records in Global HR

In recent weeks, our focus has been on addressing various ways to correct data within the GHR system. Some topics have...

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Ways to Support Your Team During a CloudSuite Implementation

Keith & I have spent a lot of time digging into the technical side of a CloudSuite implementation and detailing the...

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