Why You Should Care About Global HR Payroll

Let's talk through what a CloudSuite HCM project looks like from the perspective of the implementation partner. RPI has...

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Audit Inserts for Employee Records in Global HR

In recent weeks, our focus has been on addressing various ways to correct data within the GHR system. Some topics have...

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Canceling a Future Action in GHR Multi-Tenant Payroll

We discussed how to properly handle the effective dated queue last week, so let’s cover canceling an action in there....

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Understanding the Total Scope of Data Correction

Last week, we introduced data correction in GHR and what some of your first steps should be. It is important to...

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How to Properly Purge Data in GHR Multi-Tenant Payroll

In our ongoing conversation around Payroll History Import, we spoke last week about how to handle purging tables. I’d...

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