How Does Managed Services Work for a Healthcare Client?

Last week, we covered what a managed services contract with RPI looks like from perspective of a longtime client. Now, l

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Don’t Wait on Managed Services Until It’s Too Late!

Recently, we discussed what a managed services contract with RPI looks like for a client who needs on-demand Perceptive...

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A Day in the Life of a Managed Services Contract with RPI

What should you expect if you have a managed services contract with RPI? To start, we utilize an easy-to-use ticketing...

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OCR Fine Tuning with RPI’s Managed Services

Last week, we explained how RPI’s managed services offerings can be customized by Support Tiers. When it comes to the...

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Empowering Clients through Custom Managed Services

Now that we’ve covered the flexibility of a managed services agreement, let’s discuss how it can be customized. This...

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What Managed Services Could Be Is Up to You!

Lately, we’ve been discussing what is not managed services, so now let’s take a moment to dive into what it is and what...

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Ad Hoc Support and Managed Services Are Not The Same

Let’s expand on what we discussed last week in terms of a managed services offering versus an SMSA. To be entirely...

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Managed Services Offering vs. SMSA: What’s the Difference?

As discussed last week, there are a variety of challenges that come with retaining and managing top-level enterprise...

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