Active Executive Sponsorship & Proper Resource Assignment: Keys to a Successful ERP Project

When comparing on premises and cloud implementation in terms of success criteria, the biggest criteria time & time...

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Supporting Customers in the New ERP Landscape

If you can't already tell, we really love to discuss the recent evolution of ERP and its technology. As a delivery...

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How Does the Cloud Increase Vendor Efficiency?

We've been talking a lot about feature functionality, so let’s shift gears a little bit. One of the things that's the...

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How to Approach an ERP Implementation from a Delivery Perspective

Last week, we introduced you to the 60/30/10 concept for implementing ERP systems. Let’s move on to how to approach...

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The 60/30/10 Approach to ERP for the Public Sector

ERP systems for the public sector have come a long way in the past two decades, so let’s go over some of the...

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How a SaaS based solution speeds up an ERP implementation

From a delivery perspective, the difference between an on-premises ERP and a SaaS based solution is essentially the...

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