The Final Day of our 2021 Winter Webinar Week

We have reached the conclusion of our 2021 Winter Webinar Week – it has been a great success and our team has enjoyed...

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What's Happening Today in RPI's 2021 Winter Webinar Week

I hope everyone has been enjoying our 2021 Winter Webinar Week! So far, our consultants have covered topics ranging...

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A Successful Start to our 2021 Winter Webinar Week

For months now, everyone at RPI has been excited about the prospect of coming together in our new Baltimore...

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CloudSuite Success in the Public Sector

When it comes to having a successful CloudSuite project in the Public Sector, what do you want to know? On Wednesday...

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RPI's Infor Global HR Winter Webinars

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Infor Global HR is in luck – RPI’s 2021 Winter Webinar Week (12/6-12/9)

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The Road to the Infor Cloud

Is your organization looking down the road at a CloudSuite project? At noon on Wednesday December 8th, RPI partners...

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CloudSuite 101: The Roadmap for Success

CloudSuite migrations have been a fixture of RPI webinars for years. This year, the landscape has clearly changed a bit...

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