The Advantages of a SaaS-based AP Automation Solution

One of the main advantages of a SaaS solution is that it’s managed, which frees your team from worrying about anything software-related, allowing you to focus on your organization’s core business objectives. Unfortunately, many enterprise solutions are limited in terms of which fields or master data you can bring into the system. This gap is where RPI’s Yoga Content solution really shines, as it is customizable to your needs and extremely flexible.

Prior to Yoga Content, or Yoga Content for FSM, time and again our consultants found there were not any SaaS products currently on the marketplace that met the expectations of our clients. On-premises software has been nearly fully customizable for quite some time, so the general expectation was that large organizations were very dynamic and could customize these solutions as-needed. The reality is that early SaaS products did not afford these luxuries.

In terms of the future, SaaS products - specifically for finance, accounts payable, and vendor payment or invoice solutions - are heading the same way RPI is leaning, in that there is now a clear understanding that customization points are necessary. The Infor market, specifically, is still relatively underserved with an AP automation tool that focuses on Infor CloudSuite, especially in the industry verticals where it is most prevalent such as healthcare and the public sector.

RPI Consultants has implemented AP automation solutions for well over a decade, and we have leveraged this expertise to develop products in the cloud while maturing Yoga Content’s capabilities and expanding the offering to include what our clients tell us they need most. RPI is excited to finally be in a position to help this market by delivering something our Infor clients have needed for a long time, and which simply hasn’t existed until very recently.

Next week, we will return to discuss more about our managed services offerings for the Infor community. Then, a few weeks from now, we will return to this subject and describe how RPI fills the gap in AP automation tools, along with covering some of the other available options and how Yoga Content stacks up against the competition.Learn More about RPI Consultants

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