The Benefits of Kofax Express

We discussed how we use IDM Capture last week, but we also work with Kofax Express to capture documents. Built with scanning in mind, it is a lightweight software that can be installed on a single desktop. This solution doesn’t require server administration, and it can be a great addition to some technology stacks because it has a very small footprint. 

Kofax Express also has built in Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS), which is a tool that's going to help ensure captured images are of the highest quality possible. It also has cleanup functionality to automatically de-skew and remove hole punches on original invoices or documents. There are a wide range of different features that also allow us to edit saturation and adjust the brightness to make sure images looks ideal. 

Additionally, Kofax Express has some built-in OCR lasso capabilities, as well as some data validation functionality. It is fairly light weight, but powerful enough to replace most of the common functions  you may be using in your ECM software today. Rather than having a multi-server large footprint environment, you can have a single workstation utility that provides mostly the same bang for the buck. 

An important element to highlight about Kofax Express in relation to ECM software is that Kofax Express does not have workflow capabilities. If your organization is needing to route the images or get approval on those documents, this would likely not be the best solution for you. Kofax Express is designed to scan and upload to Infor Document Management (IDM) using a built-in Kofax Express integration tool that is powered by Yoga Connect. If anything ever happens with your Yoga Connect instance, RPI Consultants will receive notifications immediately so we Page Break can assist without your staff needing to spend time creating a ticket or calling us. 

Over the next few weeks this series will take a close look at one of the most exciting new solutions on the market today: Yoga Content. 

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