The Core of the Infor Government Essentials Program

We have already introduced you to the Infor Government Essentials program and discussed how it encompasses the core scope of an ERP project. We’re going to dive into this further from an HCM financial perspective to explain what this “core” is and what sort of extended functionality could be implemented or deployed downstream.

If you take a look at a typical HR process, you've got employee onboarding where you basically post a job somewhere and wait for people to apply for it. I want them to go through an evaluation process and be hired before they go through onboarding, meaning they get set up in the department with their salary, their benefits, etc. These are your “standard HR processes” – however, some organizations use things outside of these standards like progression management or talent science, which fall outside of the core scope.

Once you get this core HR system in place, then you can think about where do you really want to start? Depending on the organization, doing something that adds value like talent science might be more important to you. If your focus is on your employee’s career trajectories, progression management might be more important to me. Within the GHR system, there's a couple of examples that permeate finance, supply chain, even healthcare organizations. When patient management and records interfacing with the same cloud system as nurse assignments, you want to make sure you are able to keep track of everything as it moves around, which can often be a difficult task for hospitals. Next week, we will relate this discussion back to public sector and how this core functionality works for government entities.

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