The Different Varieties of CloudSuite Implementations

When it comes to cloud implementations, I divide them up into three varieties. One is the kind where your project goes off the rails, you spend a lot of money, and you don't get to the other side. Obviously, that’s a risk that you want to try to avoid, by planning, finding the right partner, and making sure you understand what you're about to take on, all while having a realistic budget.

The second type is where you actually go through this opportunity that comes around every couple of decades, but you don't take advantage of it to clean up your master data or to rethink your GL or HR structure. Your implementation or migration is going to be an IT-driven project where you can't get the business to engage, you should probably wait. You need the business users to engage and you need people to take advantage of this opportunity, so that you can build your infrastructure with an eye toward the next 20-25 years.

Then there's a third variety, where you meander through the project and you get to the other side, but your users are demotivated by the end of it. A successful CloudSuite project should have people excited that they can now do their job better – that they can do better quality work, making them feel empowered to keep exploring, expanding the functionality, and focusing on process improvement instead of transactional issues. To me, those are the risks. I think this is a great solution, but I would not try to slam it in. Slamming a solution or migration in is just wasting a tremendous opportunity to improve how you do your business and never really results in the realizing the promise that Infor CloudSuite can bring.

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