The Flexibility of a Managed Services Contract with RPI

Last week, we introduced some of the different ways managed services could potentially help your organization. Although we won’t go over everything that you could get out of managed services, it’s worth repeating that you get what you want out of it – the scope of your contract is totally up to you. Whatever your specific needs are, we will make sure to address them. 

To give you some insight into what we mean by this, we’ve had clients come to us in the 11th hour needing assistance with Perceptive Content or another system because a resource has left their company, or someone has been pulled onto another project unexpectedly. In this situation, everything on their list is extremely critical in terms of supporting an enterprise level application. This requires us to be able to act quickly to fill this gap before there is a disruption to normal business processes.  

We have the ability to jump in wherever and whenever it is necessary, as well as the flexibility to support you for as long as you need. Outside of direct support, we can also train whatever resource is coming in to fill that role. Since clients usually know they will need help, they have contracted us to provide it during the interim period when they are preparing that new person to take over. Like we said last week, we can really get creative and help you out in a pinch or integrate this training into your overall strategy. 

Next week we will further explore the details of how you can customize your managed services offering! 

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