The Importance of Having the Right Project Staff for an ERP Implementation

Barbie Hunley: With regards to the people and organization, the first characteristic that we advise people is really to ensure that they have the right quality, quantity and availability of their project staff.

Joe Hoover: Right, for a successful ERP implementation, it's a people project. First and foremost, you want to identify on your organization team those individuals that will be assigned to the project and the ability of them to dedicate their time to the project will directly impact or increase the success of the project. What we want to have the organization do is to understand why the people are necessary and understand why the timing is important.

Barbie Hunley: A current project that I have that's something that we did very well up front was making sure that we very clearly defined the calendar of events and then aligned the resources appropriately. This has really allowed us to be agile, where we can keep moving forward because we had the scope and the timeline set up. It becomes all the more important to have those dedicated resources ready to go, especially throughout the duration, specifically in design.

Joe Hoover: Now, the second characteristic of the people portion is a strong inter organizational working relationship and priorities. Barbie, why is that important?

Barbie Hunley: This is incredibly important because we tend to get siloed in our departments, but we need to remember that we are all part of the same organism. We're one company that's working towards a common goal together. It's incredibly important at the start of any one of these ventures to ensure that those goals are aligned all across the organization. Then you have to keep that message consistent throughout the project itself to make sure that there's alignment from top to bottom.

Joe Hoover: Right. Not only that, when you think about a financial implementation and an HR payroll implementation, it's crossing many different departments, so it's very important that those inner organizational relationship are set up and properly managed and led.

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