The Importance of List Development

Continuing his ongoing discussion around change management, Justin Braun is back to suggest some ways that leaders can support their team during a CloudSuite migration project.

"Aside from communicating the overall strategy with all relevant parties, another area where leaders and managers can work together is list development. Implementation teams love information, so any work you can do between now and your project kickoff to create workable lists and bring those into your implementation process or discovery and system selection is going to be really helpful. Create a list of all the people you see having important roles on this project. Figure out which master data files that support the transactions in your enterprise system and if they are clean and working well.

Are you experiencing issues with reporting dimensions in your general ledger? That will lay seeds to be played out later on when you start defining your future state structure. To ensure this is taken care of, make a list of those functions and processes, as well as the teams and people who support those reports and how they're organized. That's a really useful way to understand how you should handle this from a staffing perspective.

When you get into the weeds on this kind of stuff, something important that is easy to overlook is that the process of managing your master file data itself. Do you have someone to jump in and contemplate invoices or job requisitions or journal entries, or who understands all of the transactions in the system? What about the master files that support those transactions, or your asset plant ledger or your vendor file? Do you know what the processes are around maintaining that data separately from the processes of the transactions? These are the kind of questions leaders need to consider before taking their people through such a challenging project."

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